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About R. Haag Designs

Our South Florida Based Company

About Our Company — Robert Haag knew from an early age that he didn’t want to be just a regular 9 to 5’er all while answering to somebody else. At the age of 16 after working for Publix for 2 years, he quit and started a boat and car detailing company. This easily funded the lifestyle of a high school teenager. With accounts stemming mainly from friends and family, he decided to put his schooling to use by designing and printing flyers and business cards to hand out to the local community. Once a solid clientele list was built, Robert realized the money in advertising and started venturing into other aspects of marketing. His next approach was door hangers — yes, those annoying clear plastic packets filled with your neighborhood’s surrounding businesses and their HOT NEW DEALS!

After cold-calling and visiting almost every business from Hillsboro Boulevard to Commercial Boulevard and east of I-95 Robert finally had a list of businesses. These businesses were willing to spend their money on door-to-door advertising. It was just a matter of time before social media really took off. As a result, he was offering those same businesses his strategy for digital and social media marketing. After high school, Robert was torn between going to school and starting his own business. While not letting much time pass, he did both. R. Haag Designs was founded in the summer of 2008 shortly after he graduated from Pompano Beach High School. He also decided to attend Palm Beach Community College in the meantime.

With business growing exponentially, Robert decided to take time off from school to pursue his dream of being a legitimate business owner. He started free-lancing his design work for several marketing companies throughout South Florida all while building his own clientele list. Once things hit a consistent basis, Robert started implementing more services into his business. In 2014, Robert started printing all types of stationery as well as clothing and apparel! Check back from time-to-time and see the progress that have been made over the years!

Robert Haag