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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years you are probably aware that everyone, yes even Grandma, is on some sort of Social Media platform. Social Media has quickly become the best form of advertisement for small and big businesses. Costing virtually nothing to sign up, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are rapidly becoming the best source for customers to get in touch with your company. By establishing yourself on social media you are giving people the chance to become more in touch with what you do on an every day, if not weekly basis — therefore reassuring their confidence in your company’s abilities to meet their needs.


This is a great place for your clientele base to reach out to you and give you a great review or “shout out” regarding the service or product you just provided them with. Social Media is great for SEO purposes too, by linking your website to your social media accounts and vice versa you are expanding your discoverability and creating solid “back links.” Here at R. Haag Designs, we strive to create the best reputation possible on all social media platforms of your choice. Of course, with that being said this requires a bit of cooperation on your part too but don’t worry, usually all that’s needed of you is pictures and descriptions of services, monthly specials or inventory.

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